This How-To covers the reset of the ContactStore Administrator’s Password if you have forgotten/don’t know the password. Please note this will only work with ContactStore versions that use PostGre SQL Databases (later versions of ContactStore, for example ContactStore 7.8.16, use PostGre SQL Databases). For Contact Recorder password recovery steps please see our guide HERE.


1: Connect to the ContactStore Database

Connect to the ContactStore Database via pgAdmin using the below details:


Hostname: localhost
Port: 6432
Username: eware
Password: eware

2: Remove ContactStore Administrator’s Password

Once connected, navigate to the following location:



Right click “users” and select VIEW DATA/VIEW ALL ROWS

Then simply delete the password for the Administrator user and leave it blank, do not enter a password here! Once deleted, save the changes and exit.


When you next connect to ContactStore type in the Administrator username, leave the password box empty and click OK. This will then prompt you to create a new password.

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