Affected Version(s):

All versions running on the new UC Server 25.

Problem Details:

ShoreTel Director doesn’t launch after installation on the new UC Server 25.


The new UC Server 25 is currently shipping with Microsoft SQL 2012 application installed, which is causing port conflicts on ports used by the ShoreTel MySQL Configuration database. This means that you are able to install the ShoreTel Application, but ShoreTel Director will not launch. When launching Internet Explorer, you will see a Windows security box asking for a username and password; but will be unable to get into the ShoreTel Director home page. This is verified by the Windows Application Event logs and IIS error – Event ID 1007. Event ID 1007 states that the ports needed to launch the ShoreTel Director webpage are not available.


The current workaround for this is to carry out the following steps:

• Uninstall the ShoreTel Application (if it has already been installed)
• Uninstall the SQL 2012 Application
• Remove all Roles and Services
• Delete the inetpub folder (located in C:\Program Files)
• Reboot the Server when required
• Add the required ShoreTel Roles and Services outlined in the Installation Guide
• Reboot the Server
• Install the ShoreTel Application

NOTE: DHCP may be running by default. If it is, be sure to disable it.

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