Hello and welcome to How To VoIP!

The site started all the way back in 2015 and provided useful guides for various telephony systems like Avaya, ShoreTel and Unify. Posts were normally the result of a common, recurring question, or some real obscure things that weren’t necessarily well documented that I had been asked during my day to day role within UK Telecoms Distribution.

I have recently accepted a role at a UCaaS provider and will be turning this into a more educational site following my departure from the world of distribution. The legacy posts will remain on the site as thousands of people still view them every year, but content going forward will be more based around the basics of VoIP and troubleshooting – utilizing the new “A to Z” page.

The A to Z page aims to become a collection of useful information and a learning resource for those starting out in their journey into the world of VoIP.

The content on this site is free, there’s no subscription cost etc to gain access, but if you want to help with the running costs, say a small thank you etc, please feel free to head over to the “Donate” page which has a link to my Ko-Fi page.

If you have any questions about anything, or any content you would like to see, please feel free to reach out to us using the “Contact” page.