This How-To covers the reset of the Security Settings of an IP Office if you have been locked out from the config or don’t know what the Username/Password is to connect to it.

Please note, this will only work on IP Offices running R3.2 and higher as Security Settings were not present in versions earlier than this.


1: Connect to the IP Office via DTE/Serial Cable

Connect to the IP Office using a DTE/Serial Cable via HyperTerminal or PuTTY using the following settings:

Bits per second: 38,400
Parity: None
Flow Control: None
Data Bits: 8
Stop Bits: 1
Settings | Emulation: TTY

2: Perform Security Reset Command

Once connected to the IP Office via DTE/Serial cable, enter the following command followed by Enter:


This should give you an “OK” message. Once the “OK” message has been received, enter the following command and press Enter:


You should then be prompted to enter the MAC address of the control unit before you can continue. Once you have entered this, it should take about 1 minute before you get the resulting “OK” message.


You should now be able to login to the IP Office using the default Username/Password.

5 thoughts on “Avaya IP Office: Reset Security Settings

  1. Will the system still have the config running as it was before the reset, but just with the default passwords? Thanks


    1. Hi Stuart,

      Yes, this will keep the config of the system in-tact and just reset the default logins to access the config.

      Best Regards,



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