Avaya IP Office: Unable To Forward or Transfer Calls Externally

Problem Details:

When trying to set a user’s forward number through a handset, the option to save or complete the forward does not appear. Setting an internal extension works fine and can be set, but trying an external number does not.


Setting a user’s forward number through the IPO Config saves, but does not complete the forward to an external number.


A call comes in to the system and is then attempted to be forwarded to an external number but does not go through and fails.


This is most likely going to be due to the “Inhibit Off-Switch Forward/Transfer” option selected.


Uncheck the “Inhibit Off-Switch Forward/Transfer” option under System | Telephony | Telephony and this should then allow the number to be forwarded/transferred externally.


Avaya IP Office Release 9.1 Service Pack 6 (R9.1.6)


Avaya have officially released Service Pack 6 for Release 9.1 of IP Office. R9.1.6 includes many fixes for issues such as the “Realm=LIBWWW-UNKNOWN” message that is displayed on 1600 series telephones during start up on R9.1 and fixes problems with Hunt Group membership in SCN environments. It also includes a SoftConsole fix for the voicemail transfer function “F3” which was greyed out in previous versions.

Full Technical Bulletin release notes can be found HERE.

Avaya IP Office: SoftConsole Voicemail Transfer F3 Not Working

Affected Version(s):

IP Office R9.1.4/R9.1.5 (pre R9.1.6)

Problem Details:

When trying to use the F3 “Voice Mail Transfer” feature in SoftConsole it does not work and when trying to manually force it by going to Actions -> Voice Mail Transfer, it is greyed out.


This is caused by a bug in the R9.1.4/R9.1.5 code.


Upgrade to R9.1.6 when it is released, or acquire the following patches from Avaya: