This post covers the default usernames and passwords used by the Avaya IP Office system. With the release of R9.1, there were a lot of changes focusing around security and not leaving passwords as default or too weak, but below is the list, just in case you need to ever carry out a Security Reset or are working on a brand new system.

Service User Accounts

Username Password
Administrator Administrator
BusinessPartner BusinessPartner
EnhTcpaService EnhTcpaPwd1
Maintainer Maintainer
Manager Manager
Operator Operator
SMGRB5800Admin SMGRB5800Admin

It is strongly recommended to disable the following default Service User Accounts and create your own Service Users:

Business Partner

Security Settings Account

Username Password
security securitypwd

It is strongly recommended to change this password, as leaving it default could allow anyone to reset the Security Settings to default and enable access to the system using default credentials.

System Accounts

Account Type Password
Monitor password
System password
Voicemail Pro

These accounts aren’t a massive priority to change (except for Voicemail Pro) as they only allow access to System Monitor and used for upgrading a system. As previously noted, the Voicemail Pro password is worth changing as this is where all call flows etc can be created and deleted.


As mentioned at the start of the post, it is recommended that the majority of these passwords are changed upon installation of new systems and strong passwords are implemented to avoid potential exploitation of the system.


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