This How-To covers the upgrade process that is needed to migrate a Siemens HiPath 3000 to Unify OpenScape Business.


1: Connect all available Handsets

Connect all analogue (A/B) and digital (TDM) phones to the system. For analogue devices, plug them in and lift the handset for it to register there is an analogue device there and ensure numbers are assigned to the handsets. This will ensure you get the right licensing when you complete the upgrade.

2: Upgrade HiPath to Version 9

Upgrade the system to Version 9, preferably the latest release. The system needs to be running Version 9 before you download the KDS.

3: Download KDS

Download the KDS using the latest version of Manager E (Version 10).

4: Migrate Hardware

Migrate the hardware from HiPath 3000 to OpenScape Business, taking out what you don’t need e.g. main board, HG card etc. and then replacing it with the OpenScape Business kit.

5: Run through Initial Wizard

Power up the OpenScape Business and go through Initial Wizard in the Web Based Management (WBM) to setup the system’s default parameters.

6: Upgrade OpenScape Business to the Latest Release

Upgrade the OpenScape Business to latest General Release software.

7: Convert the KDS

Convert the KDS file to OpenScape Business V1 or V2 (depending on the version you are migrating to) using Manager E.

8: Upload converted KDS

Upload the converted KDS into OpenScape Business. This will require a reboot.

9: Fill in Customer Details

Once the system is back up, fill in the customer’s details in the Licensing section through the WBM.

10: Download XML File

Download the XML file from the WBM. Open the XML file, select everything in it apart from the top line, then copy and paste into the Central License Server (CLS). If the XML file is blank, you will need to use Card Manager to re-write the SD card but make sure all previous steps have been followed correctly.

11: Generate License File

Generate the license file through the CLS and apply to the system.


You should now have a fully working OpenScape Business system.

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