Affected Version(s):

R9.1 pre-SP3

Problem Details:

Users are unable to save configurations to an IP500v2/Server Edition due to the following false error:

No more than 300 Hunt Groups are allowed in Non-Select IP Office Solution

300 no more


This is caused by a bug in Manager which which causes hunt groups on multi-site systems to be multiplied by the number of sites e.g. if a solution has 80 hunt groups over 4 sites, this will falsely think it has 320 groups configured.


A custom build of Manager can be obtained from Avaya technical support as a general release fix has not yet been implemented. This will however be resolved in R9.1 SP3. If you do need a custom build, the ones you need to request are as follows:

R9.1.0.6 Build 2

R9.1.1.12 Build 1


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