This How-To guide covers changing the language on 1600 handsets to either Arabic, Chinese (Simplified and Traditional), Hebrew or Korean.

I have personally tested the steps on 9.1, but they should apply to most versions the languages are supported on.

This guide is based around a 9.1 system with 1600 series phones on phone firmware R1.3.6.


1: Check For Language/Font Files

You will need to check that you have the following files on your SD card/Manager folder to change the language:

Language Files:

Font Files:
Arabic_S11_V34.rbm.lzma (Font file for Arabic Language)
GB_S11_V34.rbm.lzma (Font file for Simplified Chinese Language)
Big5_S11_V34.rbm.lzma (Font file for Traditional Chinese Language)
Hebrew_S11_V34.rbm.lzma (Font file for Hebrew Language)
KSC_S11_V34.rbm.lzma (Font file for Korean Language)

If they are not there, you can get them by downloading the handset firmware files from the Avaya Support Website and simply copy and paste to the SD card/Manager folder.

2: Modify The 46xxsettings.txt File

Once you have confirmed the relevant files are on the SD card/Manager folder, make the below changes in the 46xxsettings.txt file:

Search for SETTINGS1608 or SETTINGS1616 depending on the type of phone in question

Add in the following lines:

SET FONTFILE Arabic_S11_v34.rbm.lzma
SET LANG1FILE mlf_Sage_v69_arabic.txt

Chinese: (Simplified):
SET FONTFILE GB_S11_v34.rbm.lzma
SET LANG1FILE mlf_Sage_v69_chinese.txt

Chinese (Traditional):
SET FONTFILE Big5_S11_v34.rbm.lzma
SET LANG1FILE mlf_Sage_v69_trad_chinese.txt

SET FONTFILE Hebrew_S11_v34.rbm.lzma
SET LANG1FILE mlf_Sage_v69_hebrew.txt

SET FONTFILE KSC_S11_v34.rbm.lzma
SET LANG1FILE mlf_Sage_v69_korean.txt

NOTE: If you are adding more than one of the above, you will need to adjust the number in the LANG1FILE section. This can be a number from 1 to 4.

Once the changes have been made, save the modified 46xxsettings.txt file back to the SD card/Manager folder.

3: Reboot The Handsets

Once you have saved the modified 46xxsettings.txt, reboot the handsets and it should pull down the updated 46xxsettings.txt file.

4: Change The Language

Once the phone has booted back up, depending on what was configured in step 2, the phone should now be able to select the different language(s) by accessing the following menu:

Menu -> Advanced -> Language

In here, it should list all of the configured languages you can choose from. Select the language (in this example Korean) and press Yes to confirm the language.

This will now display the handset in the desired language.


This should now have your phone(s) up and running with the desired language. You can also set the User Locale to the desired country to change the Voicemail language as well.

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