Avaya IP Office: Analog Trunks Clicking

Affected Kit:

700476005 – IP OFFICE 500 VERSION 2 CONTROL UNIT – PCS version 18 or greater

700503164 – IP OFFICE IP500 TRUNK ANALOG 4U V2

700504556 – IP OFFICE IP500 V2 COMBO CARD ATM V2

Problem Details:

An audible clicking is heard during calls made on analog trunks on IP500v2 units (PCS level 18 of higher). The clicking has been reported to happen in sporadic bursts, 10 or 20 seconds apart. Calls are still possible, with both sides being able to hear one another.


Currently unknown, Avaya are still working on finding the cause.


Moving the cards into slots 3 or 4 of the IP500v2 chassis seems to resolve the issue (as a workaround). An alternative would be to get hold of pre-V2 analog trunk cards as these do not appear to have the same problem.