ShoreTel Connect: SQL Injection Vulnerability

Version(s) Affected: This issue affects all Connect builds from 21.70.2173.0 to 21.79.4313.0 but does not affect any ShoreTel 14.2 or earlier builds. Problem Details: ShoreTel have released a product bulletin (PB 16054) which details a problem with ShoreTel Connect builds 21.79.4313.0 or earlier that have a deployment of ShoreTel Conferencing, that are vulnerable to SQL … Continue reading ShoreTel Connect: SQL Injection Vulnerability

ShoreTel Connect

Over the last couple of days, ShoreTel have been releasing more details on their latest offering - ShoreTel Connect. They have launched the below "A Day In The Life" video to show off exactly how brilliantly simple Connect is: In addition to this short¬†"A Day In The Life"¬†video, you can click on the ShoreTel Connect … Continue reading ShoreTel Connect