WARNING: The steps covered in this how to are not “officially” supported by Unify and could lead to security risks such as toll fraud if not implemented properly, i.e. locking down to specific public IP addresses to avoid misuse.

This how to covers how to use the OpenScape Business myPortal for Desktop application remotely in conjunction with Device@Home, without the need for a VPN.


1: Configure Firewall

All that is required is for the following port to be opened on the firewall to allow the inbound traffic through to the OpenScape Business:

8779 TCP

You may also have to open the below port as well:

5432 TCP


You should now be able to connect via the public IP address to use your myPortal for Desktop application remotely.

Again, this should be used with caution and make sure the firewall rules are locked down to specific external addresses that are connecting in. So if connecting home users, you may need to change this often if their public IP address changes.

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