This How-To covers the second method to setup alarm calls in Voicemail Pro – user initiated alarms setup through a Short Code. This guide was based around R9.1, but should apply to earlier versions of IP Office as well.


1: Open Voicemail Pro Client

Open the Voicemail Pro Client and login to the system. Once logged in, navigate to Modules on the bottom left hand pane.


2: Create New Module

Once in the Modules section, right click and select “Add”. This will open up a new window asking you to enter the name of the module.


3: Customize Module

After confirming the name of the module, you will then be prompted with a blank Module. Click on the Miscellaneous Actions button and add in an Alarm Set action and link the Start Point to it.


Double click on the Alarm Set to access it’s properties. From here, go to the Specific tab and you will see a similar set of options that were seen in Part 1, but with the addition of using the Caller’s Extension as the Target and to Ask Caller for the Alarm Details:

Caller’s Extension (uses the caller’s Extension Number to set the Target)
Other Extension (use this to pre-determine an Extension Number in the Module)
Ask Caller (Asks the caller to input the alarm details over the phone)
Time (hh:mm)
Frequency (Single, Daily, Weekly)
Day (Today, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday)
File (Recording to play when the system makes the alarm call)
Display Text (Display a text message on the screen of the phone with the alarm call)
Ring Time (Seconds)
Interval (Minutes: 1 to 15)
Cancel Code


Once configured to your needs, all that is left on the Voicemail Pro config side of things is to press OK to confirm the module details and then Save & Make Live the config.

4: Open IP Office Config

Once saved, close down the Voicemail Pro client and open up the IP Office configuration.

5: Create Short Code

Create a new Short Code setup as follows:

Code: *79 (Or something that is not currently in use by your IP Office)
Feature: Voicemail Collect
Telephone Number: “alarmsetup” (Where alarmsetup is the name of the Module you created in Step 2. Please leave the speech marks around the name though!)


6: Save Config

Once you have created the Short Code, save the config and then test to make sure it works.


You should now be able to setup a user initiated alarm call through Voicemail Pro. Please note however that only 2 alarm calls can be in progress at any one time.

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