This How-To covers the first method to setup alarm calls in Voicemail Pro – manually creating alarm calls in the Voicemail Pro Client. This guide was based around R9.1, but should apply to earlier versions of IP Office as well.


1: Open Voicemail Pro Client

Open the Voicemail Pro Client and login to the system. Once logged in, navigate to the following location:

Server Queues -> Alarms


2: Setup Manual Alarm Call

Once in the Alarms section, right click and select “Add”. This will open up a new window where you can enter the following details:

Target (the extension you want the alarm to ring)
Time (hh:mm)
Frequency (Single, Daily, Weekly)
Day (Today, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday)
File (Recording to play when the system makes the alarm call)
Display Text (Display a text message on the screen of the phone with the alarm call)
Ring Time (Seconds)
Interval (Minutes: 1 to 15)
Cancel Code


Once configured to your needs, all that is left is to press OK to confirm the alarm details and then Save & Make Live the config.


You should now be able to manually setup alarm calls through Voicemail Pro. Please note however that only 2 alarm calls can be in progress at any one time.

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