Affected Version(s):

All versions

Problem Details:

Recordings in ContactStore show an incorrect time stamp, despite the time on the server and IP Office being correct.


This is most likely caused by daylight savings time changes and an issue with Java.


Firstly, you should double check that the BIOS/CMOS time of the server is correct (just in case).  Once this has been confirmed, you need to download the TZUpdater.jar from HERE.

Once this has been downloaded, move the TZUpdater.jar into the following location:

C:\Program Files\Witness\jre\bin

Launch Command Prompt as Administrator and navigate to the above directory. Once there, execute the following command:

java -jar tzupdater.jar -u -v

This should display something similar to the below if all has gone successfully:

C:\Program Files\Witness\jre\bin>java -jar tzupdater.jar -u -v
java.home: C:\Program Files\Witness\jre
java.vendor: Oracle Corporation
java.version: 1.8.0
JRE time zone data version: tzdata2014a
Embedded time zone data version: tzdata2015a
Extracting files… done.
Renaming directories… done.
Validating the new time zone data… done.
Time zone data update is complete.

This should now display the correct time stamp on recordings.

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